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    I try to capture the wonder and whimsy of the natural world in my artwork. The unknown can be surprising and just as spectacular as the organic forms we can see. New juxtapositions make what's different between elements more apparent but also allow for the contemplation of what makes them the same. I use traditional technical botanical skills and techniques to root my subjects to some reality, to let what is different about the work stand out. By using watercolor and graphite, I can make my visions crisp, classic, and just as my mind’s eye envisioned the pieces to be. Other mediums, like quilting, trade some clarity for greater contemplation on the part of the viewer. Vast white space becomes a clean surface for examination and meditation, allowing for a more focused perception of the subject. I want to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them and wonder what could be hiding just under the surface. But perhaps more importantly, I want people to share the empathetic tone between elements in my art with those around them.   

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